We started as Raksquad Web Development Freelance Team by a group of college students way back 2009.

Our team started out some small web pages projects back then. Then make our way to software application development freelance team in different freelancing platforms before like Odesk and Elance to enterprise applications development talking directly to the owners and CEO of the companies/businesses.

In the year 2016

Our team has adapted to the change of the way how we build which is the Lean Startup Thinking and the Design Thinking which is from the core process Think, Code, Build it changed to Design Code Build which is also the reason why the Startup’s name is changed as well from Raksquad Web Development to Raksquad Design and Development.

We are an immersing technology firm

We are a group of freelancer developers, sys-admins, projects managers and designers based in Manila Philippines. We always provide the lowest price possible for every project for our clients with the highest quality also. We help you hand in hand to make your stand in the market and make sure that you will not be lost on your path to success.

We build a win-win partnership

We build a win-win partnership with every business and project deal we have with our clients that is to make sure that we help you to make your business grow and prosper. We make sure that we are the lowest price to offer in the market and with that the quality of the end product will not suffer and the fast turnover of the project. Raksquad aims to deliver products that can help companies and people to make their life simpler.